Greenspace is not necessarily greenbelt (aka green belt) or parkland. Greenspace could be land that has yet to be developed, a larger private property, or is Crown Land and belongs to the provincial government. There are a variety of ways to check on the status of a piece of land that borders a property that you are looking to purchase, and it is important to do so. You will also want to have a thorough understanding of the zoning and restrictions on the prospective property.

In the City of Prince George, Greenbelts are designated as such when the property, or a portion of the property, is zoned AG or AGn. Per the bylaw 8586 9.1.1, the purpose of Greenbelt zoning is to preserve sensitive lands in a natural state. This is not to say that there won’t be development even if zoned this way as there are several land uses allowed in this zone, including a home or business. In the City of Prince George, the maximum residential density is one principal dwelling and one secondary suite on lots smaller than 30ha. Agricultural and other uses are also allowed on AG zoned lots.

Many sites deemed Greenbelt is not able to be physically developed due to slopes and other terrain issues. But if the site is relatively flat, and isn’t designated as a park, I would never assume that the existing Greenspace is going to be there forever. You or your realtor can have a look at the mapping tools available in Prince George or the Regional District Fraser Fort George to do a thorough search on the zoning and plans for the area surrounding a property that you are interested in.

As a developer, I look for properties such as these beautiful 5 acres shown below and see a site for a future home with a private and functional setting. Likely a neighbour and their friendly dog have been happy to have this amazing greenspace across from them for 30 years. We go further into the lot and see where someone has been using it to hang out by a campfire, others have been using it to dump spare car parts, a propane tank, and to strip wires.

We will do our best to maintain what trees we can of course, however, the fact is that once you start taking out some trees, others become vulnerable to falling or are dead and must also be removed. Sometimes the roots will get damaged during excavation so additional trees will need to be removed for that reason. We end up clearing more than we would have liked but it is for the safety of the future home and its occupants. This lot will get about 4 of the 5 acres cleared to facilitate an area for a small family garden plot, a place for some chickens and livestock, and a large area for the lagoon that must go in. The neighbours will get used to having the owners there and hopefully, they become friends and look out for each other's properties.

The mapping tools that most jurisdictions now have are invaluable resources. The City of Prince George also has a record of approved neighbourhood and area plans available on their website. The Official Community Plan also shows maps of areas and the intent for future development. The planning and development staff are very helpful as well. I love researching with these tools so reach out if you are needing help.

Jody Tindill and The Loft Realty

Jody Tindill and The Loft Realty

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The Loft Realty distinguishes itself from its competitors, thanks to Jody’s exceptionally deep expertise in the industry and its long list of custom services that go beyond buying or selling homes. 

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