The Loft Realty removes all obstacles that stand in the way to your new home in Prince George and Northern B.C. What would normally be challenging, like conducting high-stake negotiations, filling out arcane legal forms, and dealing with bumps along the way are opportunities for us to realize your housing dreams.

Let Jody Tindill, Broker and REALTOR®, find and negotiate the sanctuary you have always envisioned for your family. 


Making Home Buying Easy

Buying a safe and comfortable home for your family can be daunting without the guidance of a REALTOR®. Reasons that put off people from making this investment include: 

  • Stressful mortgage payments: A mortgage that does not suit your budget can be a tremendous burden. Instead of enjoying your new home, you could be worrying about making ends meet. 
  • Complex market: You are not familiar with how the prices of homes are calculated. Is what you are seeing really worth the asking price? 
  • No experience with homes: Unless you work with homes or are a REALTOR® yourself, you probably cannot tell how well a home is maintained. Is the piping in good condition? How long can the siding last? How much bargaining room do you have if the water heater is leaking? 
  • Difficult negotiations: The seller is most likely benefitting from the assistance of a REALTOR®. Can you arrive at an advantageous settlement by yourself against someone who makes a living selling homes? 
  • Future urban developments: The thought that the city could build a nightclub a block away from your home in what would otherwise be a quiet neighbourhood is scary. 
  • Tons of paperwork: The only thing more annoying than filling out forms is being served with forms filled with legal jargon. Then it becomes downright terrifying. 

The Loft Realty solves every single one of these problems. Our lead broker, Jody Tindill, invokes more than 25 years of experience in the housing sector to bring you to complete peace of mind in your Prince George purchase. 

We Construct And Renovate Too

For those who love where they live but their home needs some attention, our design and renovation services can get you loving your home again.  For more extreme options, our sister company, Belledune Homes Ltd., specializes in the design and construction of new residences and large-scale or complex renovations. This award winning team is beholden to the same values as those espoused by The Loft Realty: 

  • A commitment to end-to-end services
  • The full responsibility of the hard parts
  • Unrivalled professionalism 

Designing and building your home from scratch or giving it a complete makeover can be just as exhilarating as buying one!

Featured Listings

Our featured listings cover a wide range of prices and even a wider variety of locations, types, and layouts. Regardless of the size of your family or how many cars you own, you are sure to find something you like. The best part is that all these offerings are open to visits.

What We Can Do For You

The Loft Realty prides itself on addressing your every need in home buying. This is what you can expect when working with us: 

  • Get you pre-approved… fast: Our broker extraordinaire, Jody, will work with you to ensure that you get moving on the financing side of home buying.  Until you know what you can afford we can’t get shopping so this critical step is first and foremost. 
  • Open the doors for you: We do this literally and figuratively. Thanks to our extensive network, we are aware of every single listing in Prince George and can easily get in touch with any of them. Pick the listings that strike your fancy and we will do homework on the history and aspects of the property, preview it if possible, and be there to explore the home with you.  
  • Do the due diligence for you: A home is more than what meets the eyes. We will fully investigate its every nook and cranny, review all documentation and maintenance history, and identify any red flags that you may have missed. 
  • Win negotiations for you: We will gladly do the difficult talking on your behalf. Our experience in the game allows us to negotiate a great deal for you.  We are your sober second thought, your sounding board, and we take the emotion out of the deal to ensure that you are paying a fair price for the home that you have to have. 
  • Educate you on the neighbourhood: Jody has always lived in Prince George, her grandparents were married here in 1932 and she now has all of her children and grandchildren (yikes) here as well.  She knows this community well.  Jody is also very connected to the development community, is informed on local and area business ventures as well as local government activities.   
  • Help you with paperwork: We will walk you through every form and agreement so that you can complete it with confidence. You will never experience the feeling of signing something you do not fully understand with us by your side. 

Set your expectations however high you want. We will deliver.


What Our Clients Say

We are committed to world class service to our clients and the community. The greatest possible outcome is that our clients are thrilled to refer us to their friends and family.

Beyond Buying And Selling

The Loft Realty not only leads the purchase or sale of your real estate, it also offers an array of supplementary services. 

  • Investors: Take advantage of our business and financial advisory counsel for real estate assets and feasibility studies for new construction.
  • Families buying or selling a new home: Consider our renovation, cleanup, home staging, and moving assistance services. 

We really do take care of all your real estate needs!

Buy A Home In Prince George Today

Home ownership is not as scary as it seems once you figure out your finances… and partner with a reputable real estate brokerage like The Loft Realty. 

With us at the helm, you will: 

  • Get great advice throughout the process
  • Have access to all relevant listings
  • Know everything about your new home and its neighbourhood
  • Receive the best deal on your purchase 
  • Have us as a resource anytime long after the deal is done

Are you ready to settle in Prince George and take advantage of all the amazing things this city has to offer? Connect with us at 778-764-0236 or fill out the online contact form below. 

Realizing Your Real Estate Dreams

Real estate is both exciting and intimidating at the same time. The Loft Realty removes the anxiety associated with these high-stake transactions and ensures that only the excitement remains. 

We filter and negotiate the best deals for buyers, turning what would normally be an onerous task into a fun process. For sellers, we tap into our large network to find committed buyers, relieving you from the stress of doing so.

FAQ’s For Buying A Home

Your first step is to get pre-approved for a mortgage. A pre-approval lets you know how much you can spend and locks you in at the current interest rate for 90 days or more, allowing you to shop with confidence. This is especially important in an active market where competing offers may require a pre-approval letter.

Home shoppers pay little or no fees to an agent to buy a home. Agents who represent buyers are typically compensated by the listing broker. When the home is sold, the listing broker splits the listing fee with the buyer’s agent.

If the equity in your current home will be applied to the down payment on your new home, you will have to sell the former (or you should at least have an accepted offer free of all conditions). 

Jody Tindill and The Loft Realty

Jody Tindill and The Loft Realty

The Loft Realty is an independent boutique real estate brokerage active in Prince George and Northern B.C. Jody Tindill is the owner and managing broker. 

The Loft Realty distinguishes itself from its competitors, thanks to Jody’s exceptionally deep expertise in the industry and its long list of custom services that go beyond buying or selling homes. 

For an end-to-end real estate experience, connect with Jody.


Connect with us today at 1-778-764-0236 or fill out the online contact form below.

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