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About The Loft Realty

The Loft Realty is a premier boutique real estate brokerage serving Prince George, B.C. Our goal is to help you and your family appreciate this wonderful community by fulfilling your real estate dreams. Whether you are buying a new home, selling your house, or renovating your nest, The Loft Realty will take care of it from A to Z. 

Led by Managing Broker Jody Tindill, a real estate professional with over 25 years of experience in the housing industry and certified Project Manager, The Loft Realty stands out with its encyclopedic knowledge of the real estate market and its fully customizable services. Our data-centric model and sytemized approach ensures you will always get the best market price for your real estate transaction. 

Your next move in Prince George begins and ends with The Loft Realty.

A Marriage Of Two Dreams


The Loft Realty will be known for world class service, comprehensive marketing, and for optimal results.  This leads to long lasting relationships with our clients and sustainable business for our team.  Retaining independence in the real estate realm allows us to be agile, entrepreneurial, and competative.

The Loft Realty was conceived in 2017 through the union of two passions: an expertise in home construction and real estate and a sincere love for the Prince George community. 

Jody Tindill, Broker and Owner of Loft Realty, has always been a homebody—in the most literal sense. As a child, she loved helping her hard-working parents doing tough labour usually reserved for boys: building, repairing and renovating. Her favourite hobbies included building models from cars to oil rigs, woodworking, and designing. Her first full-time job as an adult was with a local window and door manufacturer.  

After graduating with a B.Comm. in accounting from the University of Northern British Columbia, Jody sought to apply her expertise in business with her passion for homes. Jody and her partner Dave began Belledune Homes Ltd, specializing in new home construction and extensive renovations.  As the business evolved, adding real estate services to their offering added value for the business and the couple’s clients. 

Fast forward a few years later, Jody found herself at a new juncture. With a Master’s Certificate in Project Management and a Master Residential Builder designation under her belt, along with varied work experience in several sectors, she started looking for her next challenge. 

She did not look far to find it. Home, or Prince George, was where she wanted to be all along. Tracing her lineage five generations deep in this community, Jody cannot see herself anywhere else. She wanted to make use of her extensive training and experience in the housing industry to serve her hometown. 

So what better way to show love to her community than to share her obsession with real estate?

Jody was licensed as a real estate agent in Feb 2016.  In 2018 after gaining experience with two local brokerages, Jody earned her Brokers license.  Jody now owns and operates her very own independent real estate brokerage serving Prince George. 

We Construct And Renovate Too

For those who love where they live but their home needs some attention, our design and renovation services can get you loving your home again.  For more extreme options, our sister company, Belledune Homes Ltd., specializes in the design and construction of new residences and large-scale or complex renovations. This award winning team is beholden to the same values as those espoused by The Loft Realty: 

  • A commitment to end-to-end services
  • The full responsibility of the hard parts
  • Unrivalled professionalism 

Designing and building your home from scratch or giving it a complete makeover can be just as exhilarating as buying one!

Featured Listings

Our featured listings cover a wide range of prices and even a wider variety of locations, types, and layouts. Regardless of the size of your family or how many cars you own, you are sure to find something you like. The best part is that all these offerings are open to visits.

The Perfect Blend of Expertise And Service

Two things set The Loft Realty apart from other real estate brokerages in the Prince George area:

  • Unmatched expertise: Jody’s knowledge of the real estate industry is nothing short of scientific. Decades of experience in buying, building, renovating, and selling homes, combined with her business and project management background, endow her with a superior understanding of the market. 

    Jody can counsel on financial management and investment, provide evidenced-based property potential assessments, deliver feasibility studies, and offer advice on construction and renovation. Her stints as the President of the Canadian Home Builders Association of Northern B.C,.as a member of the City of Prince George Design and Development Committee, and her own experience as a developer confer her insider knowledge on regional development, building code, zoning, encroachment, and future opportunities.
  • A full suite of services: The Loft Realty offers any service imaginable associated with home buying and selling. From on-demand counsel to full-service marketing, our broker does everything necessary to ensure your transaction is completed at a satisfactory price point. 

    Beyond listing your asset on the MLS, staging your home and organizing viewing tours, and fiercely negotiating on your behalf, we also offer auxiliary services such as renovations, cleanups, and moving assistance through our related divisions and our sister company—Belledune Homes Ltd. 

All these perks are wrapped around by genuine love and passion for what we do. At The Loft Realty, we do more than getting the numbers to match for you; we want your home to feel like home.

What Our Clients Say

We are committed to world class service to our clients and the community. The greatest possible outcome is that our clients are thrilled to refer us to their friends and family.

Faithfully serving Prince George

The Loft Realty is your partner for anything related to buying, selling, or renovating your home in Prince George. 

Our unique blend of expertise emphasizing hands-on know-how of the real estate market and analytics-driven approach pairs harmoniously with our comprehensive, yet tailored services. We are at home discussing real estate investment or future zoning potential with you just as we are doing the nitty-gritty paperwork of a new acquisition for you. Above all, we offer you this whole package at competitive rates. 

For your most enjoyable real estate transaction yet, call us at 1-778-764-0236 or fill out the online contact form below.

Jody Tindill and The Loft Realty

Jody Tindill and The Loft Realty

The Loft Realty is an independent boutique real estate brokerage active in Prince George and Northern B.C. Jody Tindill is the owner and managing broker. 

The Loft Realty distinguishes itself from its competitors, thanks to Jody’s exceptionally deep expertise in the industry and its long list of custom services that go beyond buying or selling homes. 

For an end-to-end real estate experience, connect with Jody.


Connect with us today at 1-778-764-0236 or fill out the online contact form below.

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